Set up in 2003 with the acquisition of the patent of a small Italian company, it immediately made a name for itself on the paint market by setting its sights on innovation, quality and the customization of mixing machines.

Gyroscopic bi-axial mixers represent the company’s core business, on which further patents have been developed applied on numerous models.

In 2010, the company introduced onto the market its own immersion mixer under the name of AutoStirrer. This proved a big success with operators and soon became a machine recognized at international level in terms of efficiency and high performance.

Thanks to high standards of design, production and testing of our products, we are able to count top players in the paint industry among our customers. As manufacturers at European and global level, we are ready to cater to your requirements, exploiting quality, reliability and personalization, the strong points of our job for the utmost satisfaction of our Customers.


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